Buying Real Estate In Mauritius

1. A foreigner can buy property in Mauritius under certain conditions.

Non-citizens (in the sense of “THE INVESTMENT PROMOTION ACT” of 2015), may acquire full ownership (for residential property):

a) From a villa called “PDS”, that is to say having received a Property Development Scheme certificate (for the characteristics of the property and the procedure see “THE INVESTMENT PROMOTION ACT” from 2015. 

b) From an apartment, called “R + 2” (see “THE NON-CITIZENS (PROPERTY RESTRICTION) (AMENDMENT) ACT 2016) under the following conditions:

The building on which the apartment depends has at least 2 floors in addition to the ground floor

The sale price must be at least 6 million Mauritian rupees.

2. If the property falls into one of the categories a) or b), in order to acquire it, the non-citizen must also obtain an authorization from the Economic Develpment Board (government agency in charge of foreign investment).

Tropical Island Beach

The procedure and conditions for obtaining this authorization are detailed in the guid lines published by the Economic Develpment Board, consultable link to the guidelines pds and r + 2

A non-citizen can own any property in Mauritius (even outside the “PDS” and “R + 2” regimes), without needing to obtain a letter of authorization, if:

He is married to a Mauritian citizen under the community of goods regime

He receives it by inheritance

He receives it after the dissolution of the marriage


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